I'm not on social media (I think we share too much), so welcome to my anti-socials page. Wanna know something? Ask me (guess the email address based on the domain, it's a fun party game! ;) ) .


Whether I'm cutting a TV show, drafting a bug report, writing a research paper, teaching or delivering a presentation, storytelling matters. The architecture of the video editing software and hardware, combined with the stories told using it, combines my tech and video interests.

Here are some video editing tutorials.

Here's one of my books, this one was published by Cengage about sound/video editing. I also made some videos to promote and support it.

Lexx was a rather outlandish mix of space and sexual innuendo. Season 4 is the best season, it takes place on Earth, as opposed to some alternative universe. Wanna save money on your SciFi show? Have the cast go to Earth. (Startrek Strange New Worlds sent their crew to the Toronto Eaton Centre, where they bought Roots clothing. Hillarious, familar and.. no fancy set builds.) I did the blue/green-screen stuff.


I've presented a few times at Apple's World Wide Developer Convention (WWDC):

WWDC 2015 Session 403 and 415:Improving Existing Apps with Swift" PDF Slide

WWDC 2016 Session 213: Improving Existing Apps with Swit


I forked Werewolf/Mafia, turning it into a framework for a party for people who are anxious and uncomfortable at parties. It's a synchronized media game (app) that creatives an immersive environment that creates a theatrical experience. It lets me continue to develop skills about media, networking, sound and animation.